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 Relive the Thrills of Whizzcom'22 - Urja's Semi-Annual Event! 

Greetings, fellow enthusiasts! We're thrilled to take you back to the exciting moments of Whizzcom'22, Urja's sensational semi-annual event. This edition brought together an exceptional fusion of fun and intellect, featuring two intriguing games that left everyone on the edge of their seats.

🥷🏻 **Gangs of Mafia: Unleash Your Strategic Brilliance!** 🥷🏻
Have you ever imagined dealing with the likes of Kaleen Bhaiya or Gaitonde? Well, if you missed the chance, fret not, for Whizzcom'22 presented "Gangs of Mafia". Step into a world where you command your own troop, challenging your analytical, business, and financial acumen. It was a thrilling test of strategy and wit that kept participants engaged and excited.

🎲 **Roll, Cut & Acquire: Where Ludo Meets Wall Street!** 🎲
Remember your cherished childhood game? Now imagine infusing it with the twists and turns of finance. Enter "Roll, Cut & Acquire", a unique fusion where ludo meets Wall Street. Participants got to put their financial knowledge to the test, making for an exciting blend of strategy and chance.

We're proud to announce that Whizzcom'22 was a resounding success! The event took place, and the memories created will linger on as a testament to the spirit of camaraderie and intellect that Urja stands for.


Stay tuned for more such captivating events and experiences from Urja. 

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