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Updated: May 8, 2021

Two of the greatest retailers are raising the bar for being a true one-stop-shop. While a few organizations have scaled down their inventories due to the pandemic, Amazon and Walmart, are giving clients a more extensive array of both products and services, and their consistent conflict pits them one close to the next, with new commitments and innovations. 

When Amazon started selling something beyond just books in the market, it suddenly entered a rivalry with the greatest name in retail, Walmart.

It's the largest Corporation in the world in terms of revenue and is the clear leader with 38.7% market share contrasted to Walmart’s 5.3%. Furthermore, with the Global pandemic moving customers conduct, dominance of online shopping is now paramount. In the present job market, top designers would prefer to work at Amazon. At the same time, Walmart already has the better distribution network of stores which gives it advantage over Amazon in terms of shipping time and charges, being more effective.

Perhaps, in clear competition against Amazon, Walmart is now launching services to rival Amazon Prime offering benefits that can't be replicated online. Hence, right now Walmart and Amazon are logged in a steel cage deathmatch to become the country’s “Everything Store.”

"There are two kinds of companies – those who work to raise prices and those who work to lower them."


Gauri Khanna



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