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Virat Kohli - Known People, Unknown Ventures

In a world full of thriving celebrities, there is someone who has climbed his way to the top pretty quickly. Someone who became Asia’s most followed person with more than 100 million followers on Instagram. And no, he is not a social media influencer or an actor.

Today, we are going to talk about one of the highest paid cricketers in the world and the only cricketer to be featured in this year’s Forbes list of highest paid athletes. From playing in the humble streets of Delhi to playing for Indian Cricket Team, he is none other than the current captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli.

The kind of success Virat Kohli is enjoying at the moment comes to the lives of only a few blessed and assiduous people. From almost being dismissed from the Indian cricket team in 2012 to leading the team now with utmost grace, from being raised in a middle-class family in Delhi to raising multitude of money and luxury, he has faced many ups and downs in life but between all these aspects, his strive for success remained constant.

With a net worth of $125 million, he is easily the wealthiest sportsman of India. But his salary only constitutes 10% of his total income. Then where is the rest 90% of his income coming from? Well our beloved captain is an all-rounder not just on the field but in the business world too with his remarkable side hustles. He has various business ventures and investments.

Virat Kohli’s first investment was at the age of 25 when he acquired a minority stake at an annual cost of around Rs 1 crore in the Indian Super League football franchise FC Goa as he has a certain love for the game. This was followed by him staking co-ownership claims in the International Tennis Premier League team UAE Royals and Pro Wresting League team Bengaluru Yodhas in 2015. Virat Kohli also owns a chain of fitness centres across the country. In 2015, he invested Rs 90 crores in his own chain of gyms- Chisel. He also started co-owning, stepathalon kids, a company that aims at promoting fitness among children.

Apart from sports and fitness, being a fashion icon himself, he has also explored the world of fashion by launching his youth fashion brand Wrogn in 2014 which currently sells its products across Myntra, Shoppers Stop and the 50+ retail outlets across the country and his athleisure brand One8 in collaboration with Puma which provides design, product, retail and communication channels for One8. This is an addition to the 110 crore endorsement deal that Kohli signed with Puma for an eight year deal.

This food loving west Delhi boy is also a promoter for the Delhi based South American cuisine fine dine restaurant, Nueva and owns casual dining bar One8 Commune in Delhi.

Astounded already? Well apart from the above industries Kohli has also tried his hands on the field of tech. He co-owns the London based social network tech startup Sports Convo along with footballer Gareth Bale which provides sports fans a platform to interact and share ideas. Also as recently as 2020, Kohli also invested in the insurance tech startup Digit, along with his wife Anushka Sharma and the couple now own 0.25% stake in the company.

Exhausted already? Well there’s more to what his vast wealth comprises of.

I’m quite sure even if you are not a cricket buff, you still must knowing about Virat Kohli. You must have seen him on billboards, magazines cover pages, in different ads and posters. The another aspect of his wealth constitutes of a number of endorsements he has done apart from his various business ventures. He charges around Rs30-40 lakhs per advertisement which makes it clear that he earns a hefty amount of money from just brand endorsements. He has been known to endorse around 17 brands which include great learning, iQOO, star blue, Himalaya, myntra, wellman, google duo, shyam steel, MPL, Puma, amaze batteries and inverters, motocorp, volini, colgate, wrogn, muve acoustics, too yumm, Tissot, Audi India, Manyavar, Royal Challenge Beverages, Boost, American Tourister, WRF Tyers, Vicks, Uber, Remit2India, Philips, Valvoline and Creative Thinks Media.

Thus, after reading this blog, we can come to the conclusion that Virat Kohli has come a long way. With a 100 million followers on Instagram, he has become the most followed person in Asia. From $65 million in 2016 to $125 million in 2021, there has been great surge in his net worth which is believed to increase even with the advent of the deadly Covid Pandemic. Hence, we can say with being an extraordinary player in the cricket field, he’s a noteworthy player in the corporate world and our hearts.


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