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Unity in distance: Panacea to Humanity

The world took its big break last year. Embarked on that journey, the suffering and struggle of humans haven’t ended since then. Not only in India, but globally the phenomenon of pain is no near its end from this pandemic.

The battle has not only shaken the physical health of the patients but has also deeply affected every person existing, mentally and financially. Downsizing and outflows have led to a rise in stress and depression in the minds of ordinary men. Survival for the unprivileged in this scenario is a matter of fate.

It doesn’t just end here, the regular heart-wrenching images and updates from medicals have the complete capacity to shatter a soul from the inside. It has made a majority of people believe that the end is near.

In these testing times, we believe to join hands in unity and help humanity as a whole. To believe in sharing and praying for one another is the best we can do staying indoors, while tiers of frontline workers deal with these circumstances giving their best fight. Support and compliment their victories and defeats. Mind over matter is what we all have known since time immemorial. Let no one bow before weakness. Support them mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Listen to what they feel and develop it optimistically with a holistic approach.

Life has its package of trials and tribulations, but instead of being scared, let us gather the positive power to give this challenge a mighty blow. We all need to stay strong throughout. We can do it only if we want to. Isolate yourself physically, not mentally. Strive harder each day and you’ll be proud of this pain super soon. Do not lose assurance and let no one else do it too.

Have faith in the journey of life, stay firm and enroot the tree of sanguinity and hope even deeper making it the strongest nexus. Let the tree spread its branches as far as it can. Pray for a better day, a better month, a better year. Pray for this agony to end with the next sunrise.

Hope. Pray. Believe. Support.

Huge hugs to everyone wrestling this war.


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