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Tokyo Olympics 2020 or 2021?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

2020 brought the world to a standstill – several significant world affairs got cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic. But now due to vaccination around the globe and a gradual decrease in cases, things have started reopening, paving the way for the much-awaited Tokyo Olympics, originally scheduled for 2020. This begs the question – what should be this year’s Olympics called? Tokyo 2020 or Tokyo 2021?

Technically, since the Olympics are being held in 2021 they should be called Tokyo 2021. But the International Olympics Committee (IOC) announced back in March 2020 that the name would remain “Tokyo 2020”, regardless of when they were held, for branding and marketing purposes. According to the Tokyo organizing committee, the production of Tokyo 2020 merchandise had begun before the postponement of the games and changing the name on all the merchandise would mean additional costs. The organizing committee had already suffered a great deal of loss due to the postponement of the games which they thought they could recover by selling their primary assets, the official merchandise. But since the games are to be held without the audience in the stadiums, the committee has lost their biggest source of revenue, hence keeping the name intact turns out to be a prudent move. Whatever the name might be for the Olympic games this year, fans are enjoying the games in their homes with the same enthusiasm as in any other year!

By- Kuwar

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