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The Stock Wizard Academy

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Many people know about the power of trading and stock market, but few know the hidden gems to unlock it’s true potential.

Mr. Shah Azan is one such person who carries these gems in his pocket. He is one of the very few tutors who shares his knowledge with thousands of students in a very affordable budget. He is the CEO of The Stock Wizard Academy which is an educational institute for Stock Market Trading and Investments. It provides training to those who are interested to earn from the market and its techniques. His courses suffice the need of Beginners students who are looking for an entry into the world of stock market as well as Advance ones who are looking for a right direction to grow and a very experienced mentor. The USP of the course is that it is a live teaching platform rather than recorded videos and these webinars are conducted only on weekends for the convenience of the students. The aim of TSWA is to educate every potential student on the super power which the market holds. Another plus point is that it requires no pre existing knowledge on stock market. If that has not already convinced you join their course, here’s a secret revealed… Many students recover their fee before the course is even over and you also get a lifetime of free mentorship.. The academy is truly a hidden treasure of knowledge, passion and vision. Urja SGGSCC in collaboration with The Stock Wizard Academy conducted a webinar on 9th December 2020. The webinar covered various subjects on “how to trade in a stock market”. Mr. Azan elucidated about stock markets. He firstly defined stock market by a definition stated by a famous American investor, Philip Fisher. Mr. Azan then explained that stock market is not mere gambling; it requires one to have complete technicalities about it in order to survive for long and make profit. Also, stock markets must be treated as a business. One can predict the price of stocks with technical analysis techniques or tools. He also explained about fundamental analysis and the mechanics of the trading software. He then described the purpose of stock markets, the simple purpose is to make you rich provided one follows certain trade techniques. The winning ratio of the stock market in India is 95:5 ,that is, 95% institutions and 5% individuals respectively (institutions include banks, nbfcs, insurance companies, mutual funds, PMS, government etc). If one is able to understand the interests of these institutions in trading, one can gain profits.

For more information, follow them on instagram @the_stock_wizard and witness the magic of money making!

This is a sponsored article. URJA SGGSCC cannot verify the claims of The Stock Wizard Academy and urges readers to do their thorough research before making a decision of the course.


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