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The Impact of ‘CREATIVE INDUSTRIES’ on The Market

India has a peppy film, television and online video services industry and it’s jammed with potential. The Indian smart TV and OTT market is expected to register a CAGR of 5% during the estimated period of 2021 - 2026. Since the dawn of web series, there has been an impressive growth of public interest in the stock market, as well as an indulgence at the local level. Recent studies also indicate that series related to the stock market results in an immediate and unexpected spike in curiosity among individual investors and brokers.

Award-winning series of 2020, Scam 1992 - Harshad Mehta Story, has not only resulted in an increase in google searches regarding the stock market but, as well as a rise in the investors trading in the stock market. In terms of revenue, ‘URI’ an action film, released in 2019, generated over 876 percent of the initial cost of the movie. This astounding amount of return on investment ranked the sequel top of the leading movies produced in India in 2019 by return on investment! Real-life stories, struggles, and extraordinary skills not only bring awareness to the youth but also encourage and motivate them towards risk-taking which results in making them broad-minded and potential seekers. Another commendable international movie is ’The Big Short’ which depicts the key role of examining all the pros and cons before investing in the market and how one must not become blind followers without doing their homework.

Binge-watching series and movies have become a common phenomenon nowadays and also studies show that ‘viewing habits’ can affect your personality, risk management, and even awareness at the political level. Similar effects of stock and finance-related series can be seen on viewers moreover it makes them curious about various fields such as Investment.

India is one of the foremost places for foreign investors in the emerging markets to park their money. Its indomitable export capability and the ability to produce things at a more affordable cost, make it emerge as an economy with tremendous growth potential.

Also, television ads play a huge role in influencing the stock market. A new study suggests that commercials can influence investor behaviour in real-time, resulting in a slight boost in trading activity in the advertiser’s stock. Findings show, after a commercial is aired, within 15 minutes a number of investors seek out financial information about the advertiser, leading on an average, to a 3% rise in queries to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Edgar database of company filings and an 8% uptick in Google searches.

It is also said that movies with above-average pre-launch advertisements have lower post-launch stock returns than films with below-average advertisements. Studies also suggest that movies that make ransoms at the box office may result in a lowering of the stock price if they had high media support because of high-performance expectations built up prior to their launch. Thus, pre-launch advertising plays a twin role in informing consumers about some movie's arrival as well as assisting investors to form expectations about the studio's profit performance.


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