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A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your happiness, your dreams, or your dignity. Love should be in such a way that the other person you love feels free. Various emotions exist in any kind of relationship- a relationship with your child, a close friend, or a romantic partner. And love plays the central importance in every kind of relationship.

We are never taught how to love and about the causes that can turn any relationship unhealthy. The first sign of unhealthy love is 'intensity'-The person you love should not feel suffocated. And it is important to be concerned with how a relationship evolves. A second marker is 'isolation'- independence is the key.

The third marker of unhealthy love is extreme jealousy- It brings with it mistrust, and love should not feel like this. Another sign is belittling and volatility. A person you love should make you feel more confident and should have your back. To improve our ability to love better, everyone needs to know and understand the unhealthy signs that we frequently ignore so that people do not have to experience any abuse and understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy love better.


Tanya Lall


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