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Surrogate Marketing

Remember the famous, ‘‘Oh la la la la...Le Oh’’, jingle by Kingfisher for its calendar, the “No.1 Yaari” catchphrase by McDowell’s for its club soda or the “Men will be men," a 19-year old prominent tagline for Seagram’s Imperial Blue CDs?

What do all of these brands have in common?

Alcohol, cigarettes, and other Sin Goods are restricted to advertise their products directly in many countries, so they devised a new method of marketing called "Surrogate Marketing". It is a tactic to endorse such goods in the disguise of some other product.

The ethicality of it is certainly debatable. However, needless to say, this is simply an outstanding way of making the most of this little loophole in the law.

Here are some of the best examples of Surrogate Marketing :


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