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Rivigo: Technology-enabled company that offers logistics services and solutions in India

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Rivigo, a startup founded in 2014 by Deepak Garg and Gazal Kalra, is a technology-enabled company that offers logistics services and solutions in India.

The sector is being transformed with their global first driver relay model and strong interplay of technology, and operations excellence to provide unparalleled delivery times and reliability. Relay delivers express logistics includes full truckload, part truckload, and cold chain logistics. FTC services are based on a unique driver relay model, that allows them to deliver in unprecedented transit times while ensuring that the pilots (truck driver) return to their homes the same day. Express Cargo offers the lowest transit time and highest precision express service. Through the Cold chain, it serves the customers across segments like pharmaceutical, dairy products, and frozen foods, among others. Rivigo’s each vehicle is enabled with GPS and helps them as well as the customers to track the shipment. The drivers who used to spend 20 days in a month away from home at a stretch, now sleep with their families every night.

A road trip and a coffee meeting of two friends led to the birth of this billion-dollar startup, aspiring to be India’s largest logistics platform.


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