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“Remember, the monkey’s sneakiest trick is when the deadlines aren’t there.”

Perplexed, right?

Psychology extends its roots in the most topsy-turvy manner. Human behavior, mannerism, and mindset, never turn out perfect even if brought up in the best way possible. It's kind of bewildering how every human packs a different set of psychological etiquettes. But with all imaginable combinations, the monkey of procrastination is believed to occur in every other brain, though the magnitude may vary. Some of us may have a healthy relationship with this monkey too, where others could turn out to be a complete mess.

Now every non-procrastinator’s brain has a rational captain who sails the ship through the tools of rational prudence, reason and logic avoiding any kind of harm to the ship of life by taking precautions and avoiding deadlines pre-hand. But inside the mind of every procrastinator is a monkey too, accompanying the logical captain. The instant gratification monkey, as Tim Urban, would coin the term. The instant gratification monkey is the safe, fun and easy space of every procrastinator. Whenever an assignment is due, the captain steers the ship towards avoiding deadlines but the monkey averts the captain and reduces the whole scenario into easiness and comfort, none initiating with any efforts.

Days, weeks, months, and years pass and so does this life, but a procrastinator chooses to remain in the laidback zone and that’s what we can highly relate to.

The day of the deadline is termed to be the rise of a PANIC MONSTER who tosses away the monkey for a while and steers into completing the tasks while observing for thinkable cutoffs. But here is the deal, what if there are no deadlines?

Human brain keeps procrastinating on things that have no deadlines till eternity and that’s where success can’t be achieved.

Whether it’s a goal, relation or even health, we ought to suspend them to an extent where they can’t be put out anymore and the unruly of course is on a peak. That’s where every one of us is defeated.

Failure, wreck, grief and regret envelopes the mind, body and soul and that puts the whole idea of existence in doubt on that very second of realization.

Procrastinators do enjoy temporary freedom and access to that bleak sparkle of content. But actually, suffer way too much in the later stages. What may seem as a happy and a content life, may just not be as comfy as we might have deemed it to be, maybe we have to work harder to make it a non-regretful jovial place for us which welcomes enthusiasm for efforts and zest of work. Maybe what the monkey does lets us relax, but in the end we all should know, monkey ain’t the true friend. Maybe, to make every section guilt-free, we should leave no stone unturned and let no opportunity fall out of our hands. Maybe it's time to put the instant gratification animal back to sleep.

Or maybe we can relax and put this on hold.


Aseespreet Singh


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