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PassItOn: India's first and only free item sharing website that connects donor and receiver

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

“Why throw away when you can passiton?”

This is what inspired Ram Krishna Iyengar to come up with the idea of giving our used items a new lease of life by providing them to the people who really need them. This is where the PassItOn comes into the picture. Passiton is an online platform to get rid of unwanted but useful items in a meaningful way. It enlightens the responsible citizens to distribute unwanted, but useful items like books, clothes, furniture, electronic gadgets that are given to needy people and organizations through the PassItOn platform, before they can go to trash.

With PassItOn, one can donate items, take items, and add their requirements to the wishlist.

After making an account on the platform, one can start listing their items on the platform, and once done a nearby organization or a needy person will contact you, and upon your approval, they will come by and pick up the item from you.


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