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“Our quest for a digital India is all encompassing. It is going to touch your lives in several ways, making it easier.” - Narendra Modi

Citizens of Indore no longer need to ask directions for addresses in the last mile, as Indore is ready to do away with the traditional postal addresses for digital ones!

National smart cities mission is an urban removal and retrofitting program by the government of India to develop smart cities across the country, making them citizen friendly and sustainable. History has been made by implementing a fully digital addressing system with Indore Smart City Development Limited (ISCDL) by signing up a Memorandum of Understanding (mou) with a city based start-up to launch a mobile application for allotting a unique digital doorstep number for all property free of cost, making Indore the first city in india to do so.

“The mobile application -‘Pataa’- which has already been launched, focuses on simplifying a long and complicated address into a digital code and making a navigation process a lot simpler that identifies houses, buildings, places, government offices, businesses, etc. without charging anything from the user”, ISCDL CEO Rishav Gupta said.

The digital address is a composite of the postcode (region, district & area code), along with a unique address, that replaces the postal address with a unique, verified code.

In the path of a developing country, it is a necessary requirement in order to obtain the national identification card and other services.


In the day to day rushed & busy life of a indore like city, it is very brainstorming to remember and find a complicated and confusing address. Therefore, the digital address system converts any address into easy-to-remember characters and gives freedom from having to remember, type, tell or share for long complex Indian addresses and confusing naming systems. Moreover, sharing the location / map of any place for door-to-door navigation, doorstep delivery, taxi pick-up and drop and governance is now easier and more powerful with this digital address system.

You can see any place accurately on the map, reach its doorstep without getting lost or needing to ask for directions in the last mile, it will take you to the exact doorstep, making you more efficient, smarter, easier and would furnish you with more information about the place, including reviews, neighbourhood photos, etc.


Using your e-location as your personalised digital address, share it with your friends and on social networks, thereby providing an easy way to see and get directions to your address as it is less time consuming.

You can also incorporate your e-loc as your digital address in email signatures, business cards , marketing collateral, meeting invites, etc. This is the most efficient, accurate and fast method to validate your address and location data.

It can also be used for rapid emergency response down to the doorstep and is very useful in the case of disaster management where constructed property might be affected, ensuring governance and utility provisions to each doorstep in your administrative area. You will need the latitude and longitude for the corresponding house address that is uniform, standardised and validated across formal and informal address systems in india.


“Once a user downloads the app and registers with their address, he or she can get a custom code which will be unique to their address and the same can be shared in the form of a link to help others reach the exact location of the user.”, said Gupta after signing an MoU with the private firms for collaborations in launching the service in Indore. The app enables users to create a code for as small as 3x3 sq. metre of their doorstep or establishment for maximum accuracy.

Officials with the startup firm claimed that they are planning to integrate and make this application available for drone delivery and achieve the target of the first digital address city in India. “This service will be useful, especially in distant places and rural areas, where people live in unnamed areas and with the help of which, people can assist police and fire brigade services to reach at the accurate location during an emergency,” they said.


According to reports, India is reportedly losing an estimated 75,000 crores annually as a result of its complicated addressing system!


Mithil Garg & Hemant Singh



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