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HappyEMI: A paperless and people less finance platform

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

HappyEMI was founded in 2017 by Suhas Gopinath, one of the youngest entrepreneurs, with its headquarters located in Bangalore.

It is a paperless and people-less finance platform providing shoppers with quick financing at the point of buying itself, in-stores, and on online platforms.

HappyEMI works through their data-driven approach, wherein it analyses a customer’s creditworthiness not through the credit score, but through alternative data using the scoring engine, which is extracted from the customer’s digital footprint, including social media, text messages and calls.

HappyEMI helps its Retail Partners improve sales conversions, boost basket sizes, and increase customer happiness.

The firm has given out 10,000 loans so far and claims to have restricted its non-performing loans to just about 2%. HappyEMI's was able to raise $1M as its total funding and is working to become India’s largest and most reliable EMI engine for any merchant to enable lending at POS.


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