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Emoji Marketing

Are we moving to a world where we will no longer need words to communicate?


Emojis have become the most popular element of modern language since their first use by Japanese mobile users in the 1990's. They have become the mainstay of the digital world, finding regular use in all messages, tweets, email communications, etc.

With emojis being the first language of the digital generation, companies have found clever ways towards using them in the marketing arena, thus giving birth to the modern-day Emoji Marketing, with this term popularly referring to the use of emojis in content creation with the primary aim of driving user engagement, by making the content more appealing and relatable.

With over 6 billion emojis being sent every day, brands have increasingly incorporated them into their marketing strategies as they drive engagement and add context to their content. Emojis add color to an otherwise deadpan text and an emoji inclusive marketing plan appeals to the emotions of the public on a more profound level. Studies reveal that 57% of Facebook posts get more likes while 33% get more shares if the content has a liberal use of emojis.

However, brands must ensure that emojis complement their tone. They should not confuse the audience, as conversely, they might hamper their own corporate personality.


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