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Economic Impact of CWC’22 on Birmingham

The Commonwealth games make the world safe for diversity. – Nelson Mandela

The 2022 Commonwealth Games were held from 28 July until 8 August 2022, and is the third time the event was hosted in England. With Brexit brewing around, the Commonwealth Games couldn’t have come at a better time. A global audience of over 1.5 billion means the Commonwealth Games will be the major focus for promoting the city and its people in front of the rest of the world after leaving the EU.

Economic impact of Commonwealth games on Birmingham

Analysing a report about the top 100 cities of the world, Birmingham has been ranked as the 10th best city for small businesses. This is because of the variety of firms, business density, level of support and incentives, and the amount of available commercial space this city maintains. The West Midlands has an economy of £126 billion and is home to over 450,000 businesses. With a largely successful business environment in Birmingham, the Commonwealth Games have allowed the opportunity for more than 6,500 businesses to enrol and participate in carrying on and delivering the event.

Not only will the Commonwealth Games have a positive impact on businesses in Birmingham , the job market has also received a boost. 4,500 jobs were created annually until 2022 in preparation for the Commonwealth Games, supporting engineering and construction companies apace with the hotel and tourism, transport and sports sectors.  Birmingham is estimated to undergo a £1.2 billion economic uplift as a result of hosting the Commonwealth Games, as well as an additional £500 million in a one-off construction benefit. The current Gross Value added (GVA) in the West Midlands is approximately £126 billion which means that the region will encounter a 1.6% increase of the GVA from hosting the Commonwealth Games.

And not to forget, the city’s appearance has received a little extra TLC ahead of the event too. Needless to say how much the infrastructure can leave an imprint on locals and visitors alike. The event has been attracting new investment and funding, creating job opportunities and apprenticeships for local people, new opportunities for local businesses, and accelerating undertakings that will ensure the region is ready to host a memorable sports and cultural celebration.

By placing Birmingham on the map, the Commonwealth Games have created a global platform for trade and tourism because the UK prepares for Brexit. Birmingham currently accounts for 10% of the UK’s international exports and therefore the 2022 Commonwealth Games will create further global opportunities between the state and therefore the key global markets, such as China, USA, Europe, and the Middle East. However, it is not just the economic benefits that will come to play Not only will the 2022 Commonwealth Games boost the city’s economic standing, with a global audience of over 1.5 billion, the Commonwealth Games will promote the city and the people of Birmingham to citizens across the globe and with a boost in UK infrastructure and business, the Commonwealth Games have created an international platform for trade and tourism too.

Did you know?

Organisers for the Commonwealth Games had initially scrapped plans for building an athlete’s village in Perry Barr due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but now plans for building a new and rapid transport interchange between Perry Barr and Birmingham city centre for the Commonwealth Games are going ahead. The high-speed service will benefit the people of Birmingham once the games are over, leaving the city with increased transport efficiency.


Nandini Jain



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