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Drivezy: India's largest marketplace for cars and two-wheelers

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Drivezy, India's largest marketplace for cars and two-wheelers, was founded by Ashwarya Pratap Singh who initially came up with the idea of JustRide, a platform allowing people to rent cars to self-drive.

This idea came to his mind when his newly bought Ford Figo met with an accident, and he had to spend a decent part of his salary to get it fixed, which made him realize how many people his age might be going through the same. So, he along with his college friends started working on building a seamless self-drive car rental service.

They came up with the idea of building a marketplace where individual cars and even two-wheeler owners could list idle vehicles and rent them out and renamed it as Drivezy. With Drivezy, owners can list their vehicles when they aren’t using it, which is micro leased on an hourly basis, and 25% of the revenue goes to Drivezy. Out of the total cars listed, 10% are owned by Drivezy, and the remaining fall under the aggregator model, are on a peer-to-peer sharing model. Owners are able to earn close to Rs 30000 per month.

Drivezy is a part of 42Next By Inc42 List which includes India's 42 most innovative startups and earns an estimated revenue of $2.7 million annually.


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