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"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them"

Disney has shaped our childhood and our minds. Watching a servant turn into a princess, a speaking snowman, and most importantly mice establishing their own civilization was super surreal and dream-like. All of this put together is what our daily schedule consisted of two decades back and even now. The world was a pumpkin and Disney, like the fairy godmother, turned it into a royal chariot.

The creative influence of Disney over any generation and genre is unmatchable. From Mickey to Olaf, the canvas of our life was painted with magical and surreal characters dressed and disguised as the good and evil of this world. Not only did Disney give way to dreams and aspirations but it also enlightened our childhood with its fiction. And still is on its way to paint the best picture of perseverance. When observing how Disney manages to keep the parks clean probably would not convince you of Mickey’s eco-friendly effort—leaving us to wonder, just how green is Disney? Surprisingly, as it turns out, Disney has been treating the environmental issues seriously, working with Disney land and Disney world to mitigate the environmental impacts.

As a way to deal with the enormous number of wastes it generates, Disney world follows the phenomenon of anaerobic digestion, which is considered the best way to turn organic substances into biochemicals and energy, the literal idea of “pumpkins to power”. Disney partners with Harvest Power and submits the generated waste to the later mentioned company who further processes the matter to convert it into energy.

“We’re able to turn all of the waste streams into productive products,” says Kathleen Ligocki, the chief executive of Harvest Power, a venture capital-funded clean-tech company. In 2014, Walt Disney World was one of the first companies to begin using Harvest Power Orlando.

Here, more than 120,000 tons of organic waste gets converted into bio-gases and natural fertilizers every year.

The waste also can produce up to seven megawatts of heat and power annually. The whole process happens when, naturally occurring microorganisms break down the food waste . With the vision of a better and cleaner environment, Disney never fails to surprise us with its initiatives. Not only has it resorted to the conversion of food waste into energy, but Disney has also parted ways with plastic and non-renewable sources of energy by establishing the most famous Mickey Solar Plants sprawling a power of 50 megawatts with half a million panels all set to power around 10000 homes.

As a matter of fact, Disney has always made the world stand, wonder and gaze over its creativity, vulnerability and magic.

Beholding the glimmer in an eye and enchantment in other, fascinated by the wizardry of this place, Disney flatters my soul.


Aseespreet Singh


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