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Health and the economy are inextricably linked, improvement in health infrastructure leads to overall economic growth. With the same aim, government launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission on 27th September 2021. The mission aims to simplify the process of hospitals by providing digital health solutions and connecting hospitals across the country to each other.

Ayushman Bharat -Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana was launched on 23rd September 2018 at Ranchi. It is the world's largest government-funded health care program. It provided India with a great leap towards accessible and affordable health infrastructure facilities. The scheme provides insurance cover up to Rs 5 lakhs per person every year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization to poor and vulnerable families.

On 27th September 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission to bring a revolutionary change to the Indian Health Care system. Digital health refers to providing health services using information technology. It is a cost-effective and secure way to store information and provide digital health services like health education, health care services, etc. Under this program, every citizen will get a digital health ID and their record will be stored digitally. This program simplifies the process of hospitals by increasing interoperability within the health ecosystem. Doctors will have easy access to the old medical records of patients and it will allow one to get digital lab reports, prescriptions, and diagnoses from verified doctors.

The scheme will aid people living in remote areas get access to better medical facilities by connecting them to specialized doctors and hospitals. The online platform will provide easy access for patients to search the service provider online, consult their doctors, and further order their medicines online. The proposed system is a platform-agnostic i.e. citizens and the service provider need not be on the same platform. The digital health ID can be linked to Aadhar or Mobile number.

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