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Caremarq- The future of Healthcare


In the fast-paced world, where humans have to constantly adapt to new changes, technology plays a big role in helping us overcome them. Nowadays everything is a click away, be it banking, tax payments, booking tickets, food delivery, education or even finding a life partner. So why not one of the most basic human necessities: Healthcare? Well, we have a solution for you.

CareMarq, a new start-up by final year MBBS student Mr. Akshay Singh, is a tech-driven healthcare platform that works like a one-stop-shop for all the patients and connects them with various health professionals like doctors, veterinary doctors, psychologists, nurses, therapists, physicians, and many more. It functions as a teleconsulting healthcare platform that provides real-time access to various health specialists to all its users within no time. Through this, patients can choose the doctor according to their disorder or problem and consult respective specialists through video meetings all from the comfort of their homes. After the consultation, the practitioner will prescribe the necessary medicines and tests and within the same day, the respective tests will be done and medicines will be delivered at your doorstep just like Swiggy or Zomato! This would reduce the cost by 60% and also save a lot of time. Not just this, the startup also believes in after service and is concerned about the complete wellbeing of the patient therefore it provides a helpline and website which will constantly give the patient reminders about what to eat or avoid and other updates about the symptoms. During the breakout of the deadly coronavirus, healthcare has been delayed or denied to many so this will prove to be a boon for us all.

The startup is operating in Mumbai and MMR with a fantastic team of 200+ doctors from 18+ different Specialialities/field of expertise. It mainly focuses on challenges like rising healthcare costs, inefficient processes, different access to healthcare, quality care, and lack of patient-specific treatment. And to overcome these challenges the startup is working on various projects like developing portable X-ray in collaboration with IIT ROPAR students, to start a pilot project in Mumbai, ‘multiple myeloma treatment pilot project’ in association with world-renowned Dr.Tony Blau and All4cure, partner with a California based onco-diagnostic startup. It is also in talks with a London based behavioural science start-up to help the patients in understanding and management of their disease. These projects will add a new edge to the existing healthcare services. The efficiency and reliability of the startup can be judged from the very fact that it got selected in Global Innovative Health Event 2021(17-21 May).

This startup can prove to be a pioneer in the future of healthcare. So many lives can be saved through this quick and efficient idea. The amazing ideas of the startup will surely revolutionize the way healthcare industries work. The core team of caremarq includes Nikhil R Singh as the founder and director, Akshay R Singh as the CEO and MD, Dr. Hripsime Chomoyan as International Director, Anumeha Parashar as COO, and Shivam Dwivedi as CMO.

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