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The concept of doing everything digitally has become a habit for many people nowadays, but ever wondered how all these websites work so smoothly from getting established in the e-commerce industry, staying in the market to building brand equity and most importantly protecting their customers’ "confidential data”? One of the technologies invented to solve these problems is "blockchain," Blockchain is a system that helps capture information within a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) network digitally and with full transparency. The data in it is encrypted in a very complex format, making it almost impossible for hackers to crack or decrypt it. From eliminating middlemen to streamlining operations and reducing complexity at all levels, it helps companies meet their daily and long-term challenges. It is undoubtedly the most suitable technology, followed by many companies.

It has become the backbone of the e-commerce sector and the growth it has brought is quite visible. As many companies are researching and using blockchain technology, it is expected that it will soon be the reason for revolution in the world.


Sadhvi Sehgal


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