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Axis Bank uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) to fully transform its digital banking services to meet its users demands and to provide them with excellent customer services.

The current scenario has led many of us to go completely digital, be it for

shopping, ordering food, or paying for OTT platforms and because of the changing situations we are compelled to use online transactions frequently and it is quite evident that during this pandemic, these online transactions have only escalated.

Hence to manage all such digital transactions, Axis bank (India’s 3rd largest private sector bank) recently partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services, a secure cloud computing services platform) to provide its users with excellent online banking services.

Through this multi-year agreement, Axis Bank will use AWS to build a portfolio of new digital financial services to offer its customers advanced banking services. It is said that customers would now be able to open an online account in just six minutes, along with faster digital payments, which will not only improve customer satisfaction by 35% but also reduce costs by 24%.

AWS is a trusted on-demand cloud computing platform used by many organizations, and even Axis Bank itself has delivered over 25 mission-critical applications to AWS so far. In the modern age of digitalization, customers are increasingly demanding new and innovative digital banking services to better manage their finances. Therefore, Axis bank plans to migrate 70 percent of its data center infrastructure over the next 24 months to provide customers and businesses with a seamless, excellent customer experience that allows them to easily open accounts, lend digitally and make instant payments.

This shows that Axis Bank is certainly making great strides and is evolving with the updated technology in the banking sector to offer its customers a user-friendly solution.

By - Sadhvi


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