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Playment: AI-based mobile crowdsourcing platform to offload large scale data operations

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Pretty much every company, to some extent, has to power their algorithms with data and machine learning if they’re going to be competitive with anyone else in their space. The challenge there, though, is that not everyone can have the massive computational power and data of a company like Google — especially not startups.

Siddharth Mall and his co-founders started Playment in India in August 2015 based on this, where Playment allows companies to send over sets of training data that need some kind of light analysis, and then divvies it up across a large on-demand workforce that can resolve those tasks on their mobile devices. That, in turn, feeds back additional data to the companies to help refine their algorithms — whether that’s visual search, quality checks of recommendation engines.

It breaks down large problems into micro-tasks and distributes among its large community of trained annotators, and works on the principle of Microwork.

Playment users can also do a lot of testing and actions on their mobile devices. So it could be as simple as making small quality checks while they’re commuting or drawing bounding boxes for visual recognition, giving the option of doing these kinds of tasks anywhere.

Playment offers people an opportunity to make more than $100 USD extra each month doing these tasks.


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